See below for a FLIPP update...

I recently realized there really wasn't anything on Flipp Central
informing people of what's happened with the band and/or the site.
Although there was no real band “break-up”, the guys did go in
their own directions to pursue other interests. There never was
any sort of “official word” about the band's status. Many people
have heard many things from various members of the band and
although I remain friends with the guys and talk to them from
time to time, no one has given me anything “official” to report.
I just don't think there really is anything “official” to report. FLIPP
is on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Which is good
and bad. They haven't broken up, but they're not rockin'.

So, if you were fortunate enough to be at the band's last show,
The Medina Ballroom on November 21st 2003 you can say,
“Hey! I was at the band's last show!” Hopefully we'll see the guys
again 'cuz God knows, the world still needs them as much as ever!

So for all the Flippheads, I've gathered as many links as I
could pertaining to the guys and their projects.

(created and udpated by another FLIPP fan)
Brynn Arens, The Music of
Brynn's MySpace
Brynn's band, American Standard MySpace
Chia's Website
Chia's MySpace
Chia's Gallery LaLa Land MySpace
Chia's Gallery LaLa Land Website
Freaky's MySpace
Freaky's band USELESS Website
Freaky's band USELESS MySpace
Freaky's band The Dead Cowboys' Website

Freaky's band The Dead Cowboys' MySpace

I'm keeping Flipp Central exactly the way it is until the
guys come back together in any fashion. Of course I'll
post any and all info whenever I get it. Until then...


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